Satellites offer an increasing range of solutions, from traditional SCPC (single channel per carrier) services to IP-based VoIP and data networking. Satellite Internet provider offers direct, last mile connectivity to regions with little existing infrastructure, at a fraction of the cost of installing and maintaining terrestrial solutions.

On that note, ADN is the leading Satellite Internet Provider in Bangladesh in the country, covering every single inch of Bangladesh. It has world-class Hub which operates in ‘C’ band to ensure 99.98% uptime.

ADN’s satellite-based services include point-to-point and point-to-multipoint connectivity for voice, video and other types of data. It can be used for internet, video conferencing and other applications. Mobile or PSTN networks can be extended to remote areas, such as coastal areas and Chittagong Hill Tracts with the help of VSAT hub. Besides, our facility is highly optimized for different services like WAN, video conferencing and data/telemetry transmission etc.