What is an ISP? How to Pick A Good ISP Provider?

What is an ISP?

Do you know what is an ISP? ISP stands for Internet service provider. If you are planning to start your own business or are you planning for your personal blog or in case if you are planning to publish your own website you ought to know what ISP is. It is really important that we have a clear concept of what is an ISP. In short, basically, it indicates a provider company who would offer you internet connection service.

How to pick yourself a good ISP provider?

Well, most internet service providers offer us their service in exchange for a fee. They collect these fees on the monthly or yearly basis. In exchange, they provide us with an internet connection as well as confirming the guarantee of a seamless connection. Meaning they take the job on them to take care of our connection around the clock. Depending on our personal needs these connection mediums can be wired or wireless.

What is an ISP

Type of Internet Services

You can choose between cable for dial-up connection, digital subscriber line (DSL) and many other types depending on what your provider has to offer. Usually, internet service providers have a wide range of option to offer you online access. We must know what are they and which one we need for our usage purpose. Horses for courses, you see.

For example, let us consider that you are planning to launch your very personal blog or website. In this particular case, you best be using any wired internet connection. Your website or blog would merit dedicated treatment. Because in order to make your blog or website succeed you would need a fast internet connection. Also, you would need round the clock continues connection service. You can not compromise with your audiences.

For example, a digital subscriber line (DSL) is generally very fast. On the other hand, the dial-up connection is one of the slowest internet services.

Key Traits of a Good Internet Service Provider

First thing is quality. You need fast enough connection with the promise of a seamless service. And, you need it within our budget. Here key point is fast enough. Do not go spending on a connection that is too fast for your need. Because extra fast connection would not do much for us. This is why we put so much of focus on continues connection.

Different internet service provider usually has a somewhat different set of terms and conditions for their service. Trust me, you would really want to read them through. You would need at least a couple of File Transfer Protocol (FTP) servers. Usually, it comes as a package deal, as we do not have to pay any extra charge for FTP servers. Also, some ISP company offers live streaming service. This is why we try to check their terms and conditions. So that, we do not have to pay any hidden charge after registering for their service. Also, you would want proper confirmation for your personal privacy and security over online.


We usually focus too much on package pricing and speed of the internet line. There usually is something more important. A good internet provider would hedge against several security issues. For example, issues like hack-able vulnerabilities, spam, and any additional compromising services. This is another reason why we need to know what is an ISP.

Hope these tips will help you understand all about why we need to learn about what is an ISP. Just like it has been helping me for ages. We would like to invite all our readers to check out our other articles for more information regarding IP Telephony service in Bangladesh. Comment your queries and feedback, I’ll answer and add them to the next article. Thank you.