Satellite Technology And How It Will Change The Way Of Communication

Satellite technology and how it will change the way of communication

Satellite internet is the new internet technology added in the telecommunication sector. Also, satellite mainly use the artificial satellites to deliver communication various media of network. Currently, satellite internet plays a vital role in the global platform. There are more than 2,000 artificial satellite channels orbiting satellites orbiting Earth. With Satellite internet technology system we can now experience easily send voice, video, and data various location of worldwide.

Types of Satellite Communication

Satellite internet communication has two part, one is the ground segment and another one is the space segment. The ground segment uses mobile transmission technology and the space segment has its primary satellite. Satellite internet which links a transmission or linking a signal from an earth station, then satellite receives and sends back the signal back to Earth.

Satellite internet is basically a self-contained internet system which receives signals from earth and sends those signals back with the use of radio signals method.

Recently, Bangladesh launched its first satellite, Bangabandhu Satellite-1 to Space. It was a very proud moment for all of us. With this satellite internet-based technology it will be more reachable and useful for many organizations. Ensuring, to reaching out the common people and technical people get access over the internet.

Bangabandhu Satellite-1, it mainly offers Ku-Band all over Bangladesh and expanded to the Bay of Bengal and many other parts of the Asian region. With this advanced technology, the business and other service associated with this industry will be highly benefited.

Satellite internet has the capability to send data anywhere in the world. Its unique global mobile strategy helps you provide information that brings seamless and steady access to the government to meet different sort of communication needs at a reasonable price. With the help of satellite technology, it will be more stable and it doesn’t break off the seamless connection of internet. Seamless network connection is the requirement of many organizations for their everyday functions.

The effect of satellite communication on Business

Satellite technologies will help you reach out the potential customer for your business. Let’s take a look at the effect of satellite technology for your business,

1. Connecting people through Satellite internet technology
Since satellite technology works without any sort of wired connectivity it has been easy to reach out the potential customer. So, it has been possible to capture the global potential customer as well as local big customer/client.

2. Making communication availability everywhere

With the help of satellite communication, there is no border to connect with your customers locally and globally. Making the right communication can let you explore the global market and let you balance you the local market as well.


3. Number of Users

With improved satellite communication, you can work with the limited capacity of the network but increase the number of users of your organization. The real application of communication can reflect the customer meaningful awareness about your organization.


At last, the satellite industry is significantly changing dramatically we can hope that satellite technology will be less expensive and it will be more cost-effective. This will help you reach more customers and communications capacity available via satellite.