Businesses today also need to cater to various forms of digital communications, including bulk data transfers, Voice over IP, video conferencing, multimedia applications, e-commerce and more. These networks carry time-sensitive and confidential content 24/7. Therefore, organizations cannot afford to have network downtime, delayed responses, or security concerns impacting their global operations.

Need of global Communications have led Multinationals to contract secure, private and constant bandwidth between their principal corporate centers in order to use mission-critical traffic for the development of their business.

International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC) is a point-to-point dedicated leased line between global offices creates a robust information superhighway that ensuring offices located in different countries stay connected.  Making it ideal for organizations that have high traffic volume between overseas sites.

IPLC meet the network demands between geographically-dispersed data centers can pose many challenges, including ensuring maximum resiliency, bandwidth capacity, availability and scalability of networks.

The IPLC service provide a dedicated end-to-end digital link and is charged at a flat fee basis for unlimited usage. The network operates via diversified international routes, either through under-sea cable system, landline international cable systems or satellite.


Features of IPLC

  • Guaranteed data delivery and bandwidth
  • Full WAN control with visibility and monitoring of service quality
  • Assurance of up to 99.9% service availability with maximum uptime and business continuity

Due the dedicated point-to-point bandwidth solution, IPLC can carry voice, data, Internet or video traffic to virtually any place in the world. It enables communicate with its POPs, offices, partners and customers who are geographically dispersed throughout the world with the maximum security and the minimum delays. IPLC users can securely transmit and receive large volumes of data at high data rates and high speeds and with no traffic congestionsdue to dedicated circuits.

If you need for zero-error, zero-delay data transfer is constantly increasing with every passing hour. Especially at the time of mission critical applications where the integration of all three applications – data, voice and video come into use. In this scenario, wouldn’t you like to have a private service solely dedicated for yourself? – Other benefits that make IPLC attractive option are as follows:



  • Security is critical for any corporate network. As such, it is the primary concern for businesses contemplating the use of IPLC. IPLC ensure dedicated bandwidth and sophisticated software and hardware ensures complete security of customer communication and the flow of information remains confidential between two communication points.


Accessibility and Reliability

  • IPLC provide a totally dedicated, highly secure clear channel with superior high speed with far greater reach than any of the other global services. Using only the latest and most advanced cable systems in the world, IPLC offers priority backup solutions that are automatically activated when necessary.


Single Point of Contact

  • Manageable and cost effective, IPLC work as your ultimate provider for global communication with multiple vendors on a single simple interface.


Global Coverage

  • Most IPLC have global coverage in key business centers all over the world, that ensure you’re your best interests are maintained across geographical borders, now and in the future.


Cost Effective Communications

  • More economically viable than most traditional means of private networking, IPLC lets you set up and managed your networks at a fraction of the cost as well as unlimited usage without any additional charges.


Outsourcing Network Management

  • Most IPLC service providers have dedicated network management teams to design, monitor and manage a truly seamless global network for you, so you can focus on your core business, minimizing the resources needed to put your network in place. We would like to invite all our readers to check out our other articles for more information regarding IP telephone service in Bangladesh.