Everything You’d Need to Know Before Installing A Data Center in Bangladesh

We all need a location centralized networking and computing system in our office place. It helps us collect, store, process and distribute data in a controlled system. It is a great way to ensure data protection. There are just simply too many advantages of having a proper data center in Bangladesh. But there well too many types of data centers are available here. And, it is crucial to install the right one to avail the best result.

Let’s take a look at the points that we mull over to decide what we need for our data center in Bangladesh. In most cases, all of the data centers types are some combination of these 5 points. These points are,
  1. How much of shelf space would you need in next 5 or 10 years?
  2. How much of bandwidth you would need?
  3. Security standard maintenance system,
  4. Servers maintaining system,
  5. Data and pieces of equipment ownership policies.

We will discuss these key features of all the available data center in Bangladesh by comparing to each other according to our needs.


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Data Center in Bangladesh
Space Concern

Do you need a personalized data center or shared data center in Bangladesh? A personal data center can be very expensive due to its regular maintenance costs. Corporate enterprises can afford that. It would require more than a seamless connection, equipment expense, cooling system, security maintenance, electric power related costs. You would need a dedicated space for it. Usually, big companies use their basement or build separate closets. Comparatively smaller companies usually go for the rented shared data center services like colocation ones.

Bandwidth Requirement

This is very much the company’s requirement depended. Just keep it in mind, that we would not want to fall short on our clients’ need. It is better to have more than the other way around. For this, when you want a good data center in this country, it would be a good idea to have the best ISP in Bangladesh.

Security Standard

This is more important than many of us think. But first, let’s go through some basics. There are usually three kinds of data storing security type in the cloud storage system.
a. Private cloud storage system
b. Shared cloud storage system
c. The public cloud storage system

Depending on our privacy need we can pick any 1 of these 3 types. So, what kind of privacy for your data? If you want to monitor your data round the clock it is best to use the private cloud storage system. Medical and law practicing personals need private clouds due to the HIPAA rules.

Shared cloud storage systems are like the colocation system. You would get to use a budget option by sharing storage system with one or more other groups. It is a good option to get a budget-friendly storage system without the risk of public cloud storage.


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Ownership Concern

There are three kinds of ownership layers when it comes to the data center system. They are,
a. Full ownership,
b. Rented system,
c. Lease system.

If you want full control, it is best to buy your own data storage system. It will come at the price. Otherwise, if you are looking for a budget option you can take a rent or a lease.

Maintenance Policy

You can either manually manage your data storage system. Or, get the self-managed systems. It all depends on how much of control you want and how much of dedicated workforce you can afford for it.

Hope this our efforts are helping you. We are trying to help our community. Please let us know if you have any queries. Also, you can write down your feedback on our comment section below. Thank you.