Are You Looking for Best ISP provider for your Business?

Thinking about starting a new business? In need of Internet services? Wondering who are the best Internet service providers (ISPs) in Bangladesh? Wheatear you are in search of internet connection for your business or not happy with the existing internet service provider, ADN telecom is here for you. It’s very important to choose the best internet service for your business/organization because a good internet connection can save your time and money. In order to choose the best ISP provider, you need to cross check following issue.

Sufficient Bandwidth for The Best ISP Experience

Bandwidth is the crucial factor for choosing the best internet provider for your organization. The nature and size of Bandwidth can vary depending on the size of the organization. Keeping, this information in mind you need to check following these things-

  • Is your internet fast enough?
  • How many devices do you require to transfer data fast?
  • Do you need to point to point connectivity or multi-point connectivity?
  • What could be the anticipated bandwidth requirement?

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Cybersecurity is must have a requirement for choosing the internet service. It should be on top of your priority list for choosing an internet service provider. There is a lot of internet service provider in the country but not everyone can guarantee you from spyware, threat, spam. Big enterprises need high-speed internet service to ensure better customer experience.

Steady flow Upload and Download Speeds

If your organization need more speed to upload and download data or requires high speed for web browsing and mail setup. Also, you need to consider how many users will be using the bandwidth at the same time to share files, upload video.

Features of the internet services

These days there is a variation of Internet service providers. With so many providers, it’s hard to narrow down your options and who will be the best ISP provider for your organization. Selecting the right, internet service provider can be challenging, especially if you have specific needs. The top Internet providers should offer the following-

  • Fiber-optic technology
  • Wireless
  • Satellite
  • MPLS technology

As one of the top-notch Internet service providers in Bangladesh, ADN telecom offer following these services, let’s share some detail description about these facilities.

 Fiber-optic technology

Fiber optic is a flexible, transparent fiber made by silica glass or plastic which is slightly thicker than a human hair. It permits transmission over longer distances and higher data rates than electrical cables. Fibers are immune to electromagnetic interference which metal wires suffer excessively.


Wireless technology that uses radio waves to transmit information without any sort of cables or wiring. Using wireless technology allows you to move freely within the business or home or city maintain a connection on the same network. In the 21st century, it is very important to adopt the latest technology to compete with competitors.


Satellite technology

A satellite is basically an object in the space that orbits or circles around a bigger object. There are two kinds of satellites. One is natural that moon orbiting the Earth or artificial which is the International Space Station orbiting the Earth.


MPLS leads data from one network node to the next short path labels rather than taking the long network addresses. It avoids complex lookups in a routing table for the users.


Now, that you know more about how a strong internet service can create a big influence on your organization. Choosing the best ISP provider who will provide the best internet service for your organization to achieve the desired goal and target.