What Makes ADN Telecom Ltd. The Best ISP Company in Bangladesh?

ADN telecom Ltd is the leading Internet service provider (ISP), IP Telephony Service, VIdeo COnferencing, Data Center Service, Very-small-aperture terminal (VSAT) Hub, International Internet Gateway (IIG), International Gateway (IGW), Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC ), Satellite-Based Service provider in Bangladesh. We started our journey back in 2003. We have been maintaining our top-notch service quality ever since. As a result, we are now the best ISP in Bangladesh.

What Makes ADN Telecom Ltd The Best ISP Company in Bangladesh?

1. We plan and deliver according to our client’s demands
2. And, we plan to stay ahead of the technological curve.

With this aforementioned list our plan, we offer the following 3 major internet service providing system to our local and global community:

Fiber Optic Network

Our fiber-optic network is powerful enough to fulfill this country’s home and enterprise requirements. This one feature alone suffices to make us the best ISP in Bangladesh.

Wireless Network

Right now, the powerful wireless network of ADN telecom ltd. covers over 90% of Bangladesh. Bangladesh’s users across 64 districts can utilize the service of our wireless network.

Satellite Network

We are the leading satellite-based internet service provider in Bangladesh. As of now, ADN telecom ltd. covers every single inch of the land of our country. We also ensure a 99.98% uptime service.

And, with all these key features we are the best ISP in Bangladesh. To know more about these services please visit ADN Telecom Ltd.

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