All the business function including external and internal functions only can be run if you have the right ISP. Right ISP will be able to run your business efficiently, it will keep your business on the right track and it will help to run your business smoothly for the business growth.

Here are the 5 things to consider when you choose ADN Telecom Limited as your ISP;


Location, Location, Location

When looking for internet service providers, one of the first things to do is to ask the provider if they provide service in the area where your business is and if that service is an excellent one. ADN Telecom Limited provides nationwide service, so it doesn’t matter where your business is!


The right plan that matches your business

Different business has different requirements and When it comes to finding the perfect ISP for your business, ADN Telecom Limited make sure that it meets all your requirements. one of the requirement includes the data package. If you run a bigger business setup, then ADN Telecom’s customized data plan would be the best way for your business and offices to run smoothly together. ADN Telecom Limited provides customized data plan for both big and small enterprise. So, if you have a smaller business, then you can get a smaller package that is still enough for your business to operate correctly.

Another thing that you would want to keep in mind is if the plan fits the budget that you have set aside for these services. ADN Telecom Limited make sure that the service you are thinking about choosing will fit into all of your needs and your budget, you provide your business a viable base to grow. ADN Telecom consider budget is crucial with any business, so it ensures that the data plan fits your budget and all your other needs.


Secured connectivity

Absolute secured connectivity is necessary for your company. Everyone has private or privileged information being saved on their computers or servers. All of that private information has to be protected as well as it can be. ADN Telecom’s internet connection will prevent people from accessing your network, unless given permission by you. Another benefit of our network is your ability to monitor activity online. You’ll be able to detect suspicious movement if it were to occur and take the appropriate action to squash any unwanted activity.


99.98% Uptime commitment

Of all the promises other ISPs make, none is worth anything if the ISP doesn’t fulfill its uptime commitments. ADN Telecom Limited provide as per service level agreements that ensures real and measurable targets for uptime, not just 99.9% operational guarantees. Insist on specific wording that governs what happens when service fails.



In cases when the need to be continually connected is extreme and you cannot afford even one or two minutes of downtime, you’ll want to secure some level of redundancy. Redundancy is a failover internet connection that switches in the event your main line has gone down. This is more common with standard internet service but can be important to have even with High Availability services with SLAs if a business cannot afford a moment of downtime. ADN Telecom provides Fiber, Wireless and satellite connectivity so there is no chance of downtime. ADN Telecom fully owned 73 Pop’s & 1500 shared Pop’s, so this powerful fiber optic network will fulfill all your home & enterprise needs. Moreover, ADN telecom Limited’s Wireless network covers 90% of Bangladesh. This is why ADN telecom is the best ISP in Bangladesh. ADN Telecom limited is the leading satellite-based service provider in the country, which cover every single inch of Bangladesh and ensure 99.98% up time.

These are just 5 things to consider when you are choosing the best ISP in Dhaka.

ADN Telecom Limited has the team and resources to help support your business. Whether faster broadband connections, the network tools to help you manage your usage, managed IT support, or the expertise to respond when the problem strikes, we are here to help businesses succeed. We would like to invite all our readers to check out our other articles for more information regarding IP telephone service in Bangladesh.